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Vince Ferrante

Executive Vice President

Vince has been a leader in the produce industry for over 33 years. He’s a first generation farmer who earned his Crop Science degree from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo. Throughout his career he has worked for his wife’s family’s farm, one of the largest west coast vegetable and berry operations. For over 20 years, he worked in every aspect of the business including; farming, pest control, harvesting, cooling and international and domestic produce sales. When the family decided after 40 years to shut down the farm and focus on land leasing and cooling, Vince went to The Dole Food Company as a senior member of their management team. He turned around multiple segments of their vegetable operations and then lead a team of growth in their berry division. Throughout his career, Vince has served on many industry boards, water district president and industry spokesperson. After 25 years of family farming and working for a large International produce company, Vince moved his family to North Carolina to take his west coast style farming to the South East. In 2018, Vince joined the Southern Belle team to partner with Brick Rooks on future growth endeavors and business segments that will help North Carolina growers into new growing ventures.

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