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Brick Rooks

President + CEO

Brick is a first generation farmer with over 24 years of experience, who has learned through hard work the ways of the North Carolina blueberry farmer. With a degree from Eastern Carolina University, in Quantitative Economics and minor in Religious Studies, Brick took his younger years of being mentored by a local grower to a new level. Starting out after college with his wife, they started Southern Belle Organics, LLC and has become one of the largest organic blueberry growers in North Carolina. Not only packing fresh blueberries, Brick ventured into the frozen segment to understand that side of the industry along with packing imported blueberries from South America during the winter months to spread out his costs. Along with his growth in organic blueberries, he started both a trucking company and recently purchased the oldest farming cooperative in North Carolina, the Carolina Blueberry Association. Through hard work and innovation, Brick’s new company The Carolina Blueberry Group has become the leading packing company of conventional and organic blueberries with state of the art automated equipment that has changed the way blueberries are packed in North Carolina.

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